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Tour 8: Trekking

Map with tour itinerary

This offer is not one of the usual "tours", but a series of trecks. The participants should therefore bring a certain minimal fitness. In between, we'll change location by off-road vehicle, in order to visit several different types of scenery.

Please ask us for your preferred time period!

Tour Itinerary

1. Day

Departure of your Flight

In Berlin when travelling from Europe
2. Day

Welcome to Mongolia!

On arrival, we get acquainted with the capital of Mongolia, which combines old traditions with the modern civilisation of today. The connection to prehistoric times is made by the dinosaur skeletons in the Museum of National History. The museum of mongolian history presents the development of the mongolian culture.
  • Arrival and transer to hotel
  • Cultural program
  • Stay the night in a hotel
3. + 4. Day

Mountains of Rock and Sand

Our first station is at Mongol Els, a "mountain range" made of sand dunes. From there we trek to the Khogno-Khan Uul in the north, a notable mountain of almost 2000 m height. It is the center of a protected area, which is home to ibex, wolves, and various predator birds, among others. There is a small monastery at the foot of the mountain. The ruins of another historic monastery can be visited farther up.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle (paved roads)
  • Arrival in Mongol Els
  • Trek to Khogno-Khan Uul.
  • Stay the night in a tent.
5. Day

The Old Capital

In Kharkhorin, Genghis Khan ordered to erect the capital of his mongolian empire at the time. The monastery Erdene-Zuu is also located here, which housed more than thousand monks in historic times.
On one side of the city there is a big plain, used for agriculture. The other sides are marked by the Orkhon river and two mountain ridges. Several trecks with great views can be made in the area.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle (paved roads)
  • Arrival in Kharkhorin
  • Visit at Erdene-Zuu
  • Trek in the area.
  • Stay the night in a tent.
6. Day

Wild Horses

In the Khustain Nuruu national park, a project has been running for several years to reestablish the original wild horses (Takhi) again in Mongolia. There are several places near the river where the beautiful and normally very shy animals gather for drinking every morning and evening. This offers a great opportunity to watch them and take pictures.
7. Day


No motorized transport is necessary today. Instead we trek within the national park to the valley Moltiin-Am. The scenery consists of rolling hills, whith the occasional rock tower (ancient volcanic chimneys) thrown in.
  • Trek to Moltiin-Am
  • Stay the night in a ger-camp.
8. Day

Massive Boulders

After a short drive we arrive in Terelj. The landscape here is characterized by rocky boulders, which rise out of the steppe in spectacular ways. There are many interesting trekking routes available here.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle
  • Arrival in Terelj
  • Trek in the area
  • Stay the night in a tent.
9. Day

Big Turtle

In the national park of Terelj there's a surprising rock formation, which looks like a giant turtle from the right perspective. Our trek of today ends at this location. Those who still have the necessary energy can explore the area on horseback.
  • Trek to the big turtle.
  • Horse riding.
  • Stay the night in a tent.
10. Day

Cultural Program

The last day is fully dedicated to culture. Several museums and the famous Gandan Monastery offer an informative and relaxed finale to our trip. In the evening we meet for a farewell dinner, and afterwards there's an opportunity to party mongolian style.
There's also a big exhibition "Great Mongolia 800" this year, as well as many other related events.
  • Museums
  • Gandan monastery
  • "Great Mongolia 800" exhibition
  • Fare well-dinner and evening program.
  • stay the night in a Hotel
11. Day

Return flight

Please return to Mongolia soon!
All information subject to change without notice.