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Ayanchin Travel xxk, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ayanchin Travel was founded in 2001 in Ulaanbaatar, and has since the successfully served many travellers from Japan, Great Britain, Germany, and the USA.

Ayanchin Travel XXK.
PO Box: 23/376

Tsogtsolmaa Sosorbaram

Otgonchuluun Sosorbaram

Our staff will do everything to provide you a first hand experience of the traditional mongolian life style. We will show you how the nomads could preserve their culture, tradition, and way of life until today. You will easily understand how the unbounded scenery of Mongolia has shaped their life in a very special way.

Experience and Competence

During your stay in Mongolia our kompetent and experienced team of tour guides, drivers, and cooks will take care of you. The guides are fluent in English and/or German, and have in-depth knoledge about the history, culture, and geography of Mongolia. Each team will spare no effort to make your tour safe and enjoyable, while still full of adventures and discoveries. Of course we will also bring all the necessary equipment for your tour.

Planning and Flexibility

Our published schedule offers tours through mountains, steppes, and the Gobi desert. As appropriate and subject to your choice, distances can be covered by vehicle, on foot, or on the back of horses or camels. In addition, we'll be happy to make you an individual offer for your trip to Mongolia, where we will adapt the time and route exactly to your wishes. The following are just a few examples:

Environmentally Aware Travelling

The National Geographic Society has determined that Mongolia, with its mostly untouched scenery, is in an exceptional position among the travel destinations of this world. We do everything in our power to make sure it remains that way. Our tours are carried out in the most environmentally neutral way possible, in order to preserve the unique experience for future visitors.

Enjoy the natural beauty, the endless wilderness, the scenery, and the nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia with Ayanchin Travel!