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Public Transport - Tips for Travelling in Mongolia

By Air

The mongolian airline is named MIAT. They offer both domestic and international flights, eg. two or three times a week to Berlin and back (via Moscow). The prices are generally much cheaper for mongolian citizens than for foreigners. Depending on your starting point, Seoul may also be a good place to change planes, as MIAT offers many connections there.

Aeroflot also flies from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar. Moscow is a hub that offers connection flights to many other international locations. Unfortunately thugh, Aeroflot somewhat famous for delayed flights and missed connections, and there are frequent reports about misdirected or lost luggage.

Another international alternative is China Air. In this case you need to change planes in Bejing. There are normally no direct connections there, so that you may need to stay in China for one or two days, which requires a transit visum (in advance!).


The side line of the Transsibirian Railroad from Irkutsk to Bejing crosses Mongolia, and stops in Ulaanbaatar. A second line goes west from Ulaanbaatar to Erdenet.


In Ulaanbaatar, there are normal city busses in operation.

Cross country, most travelling is done in private minibuses. Those will rarely follow schedules (if they have any), but start at specific collection points when full. Some lines are operated by companies where you can pay in advance in their offices, but in most cases the driver will collect the fee directly

Don't expect any convenience or lots of space in those vehicles. The drivers will pack them as full as possible by principle. And of course most roads are unpaved dirt tracks, which means everybody gets a good shaking.


In the capital there are many taxis available, both commercial and private. As in all development countries, it is advised to negotiate the fare before getting in.

Rental Cars

As a principle, only off-road vehicles are available. They are normally rented with the driver. On multi-day tours, accomodation and food for the driver must also be provided by the customer (although most drivers will happily organize both for you).

Horses, Camels, Yaks

The mongolians often travel short and medium distances on horseback. For tourists it can also be interesting to rent riding animals. In this case the owner will usually join the party as well.