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Tour 3: Central Mongolia and Khangai Mountains

Map with tour itinerary

This tour will show you a broad spectrum of different landscapes. From wide steppe, through several quite diverse valleys, up to high mountains. The stretches in between are filled with cultural highlights.

Please ask us for your preferred time period!

When your travel time is in july, then we will of course visit the Naadam festival in Tsetserleg, The itinerary will be adapted accordingly.

Tour Schedule

1. Day

Departure of your Flight

In Berlin when travelling from Europe
2. Day

Welcome to Mongolia!

On arrival, we get acquainted with the capital of Mongolia, which combines old traditions with the modern civilisation of today. The connection to prehistoric times is made by the dinosaur skeletons in the Museum of National History. The museum of mongolian history presents the development of the mongolian culture.
  • Arrival and transer to hotel
  • Cultural program
  • Stay the night in a hotel
3. Day

Sand Dunes in the Green

On the way west, we stop at the sand dunes of Mongol Els. Those are a small "mountain range" made out of sand, which is surrounded by green landscape and looks like it doesn't really belong there.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle (paved roads)
  • Arrival at Mongol Els.
  • Stay the night in a tent.
4. Day

The Old Capital

In Kharkhorin, Genghis Khan ordered to erect the capital of his mongolian empire at the time. The most visible sign of those times is the Erdene-Zuu monastery.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle (paved roads)
  • Arrival in Kharkhorin
  • Visit of Erdene-Zuu
  • Stay the night in a ger-camp.
5. Day


The lama and sculptor Zanabazar lived and worked in Tuvkhun-Khiid in the 16th century. Parts of the monastery on more than 2000 m over sea level are converted as a museum today. It can be reached in less than an hour by foot.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle
  • Arrival at Tuvkhun-Khiid monastery
  • Stay the night in a tent.
6. Day

Running Hot Water

Today we make rest at a hot mineral spring. We pitch our tents in an exceptionally beautiful scenere (as usual) next to the Ikh-Tamir river and let it sing us into sleep.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle
  • Arrival at Tsenkher-Rashaan
  • Stay the night in a tent.
7. + 8. Day

Look, a white lake!

According to legend, this lage was created when a giant took a big rock and threw it away (Taikher-Khuluu). Then next day he was quite excited to find a large white surface at the old place. His surprised exclamation became the name of the lake. The cold volcano Khorgo sits right next to it and can be climbed with reasonable effort. The crater at the top offers a spectacular view.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle
  • Arrival at Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur
  • Aufstieg zum Khorgo
  • Stay the night in a tent.
9. Day


The Ogi lake is located in wonderful scenery and is home to countless birds. There are also many fish around.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle
  • Arrival at Ogii Nuur
  • Stay the night in a tent.
10. Day

Wild Horses

In the Khustain Nuruu national park, a project has been running for several years to reestablish the original wild horses (Takhi) again in Mongolia. There are several places near the river where the beautiful and normally very shy animals gather for drinking every morning and evening. This offers a great opportunity to watch them and take pictures.
11. Day

Massive Boulders

After a short drive we arrive in Terelj. The landscape here is characterized by rocky boulders, which rise out of the steppe in spectacular ways. Those who still have the necessary energy can explore the area on horseback.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle
  • Arrival in Terelj
  • Stay the night in a tent.
12. Day

Cultural Program

The last day is fully dedicated to culture. Several museums and the famous Gandan Monastery offer an informative and relaxed finale to our trip. In the evening we meet for a farewell dinner, and afterwards there's an opportunity to party mongolian style.
There's also a big exhibition "Great Mongolia 800" this year, as well as many other related events.
  • Museums
  • Gandan monastery
  • "Great Mongolia 800" exhibition
  • Fare well-dinner and evening program.
  • stay the night in a Hotel
13. Day

Return flight

Please return to Mongolia soon!
All information subject to change without notice.