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Tour 5: Gobi Desert

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Our second short tour for the desert rats. Experience the scenic diversity of the Gobi, and learn how nature can create a variety of animals and plants even if there is very little water available.

Please ask us for your preferred time period!

When your travel time is in july, then we will of course visit the Naadam festival in Dalanzadgad, The itinerary will be adapted accordingly.

Tour Schedule

1. Day

Departure of your Flight

In Berlin when travelling from Europe
2. Day

Welcome to Mongolia!

On arrival, we get acquainted with the capital of Mongolia, which combines old traditions with the modern civilisation of today. The connection to prehistoric times is made by the dinosaur skeletons in the Museum of National History. The museum of mongolian history presents the development of the mongolian culture.
  • Arrival and transer to hotel
  • Cultural program
  • Stay the night in a hotel
3. Day

Off to the desert!

The second day introduces us to the desert climate of the south, as well as the special flora and fauna of this area. Dalanzadgad is located at the end of the Altai mountain range, and functions as the entrance gate to the Gobi. Yolin-Am is a ravine nearby, which fascinates both through its geological features as well as its rich bird population. Especially famous are the lammergeier living there. As a geographical curiosity, there's a little mini glacier at the ground of the ravine.
  • Domestic line flight Ulaanbaatar - Dalanzadgad
  • Excursion to Yolin Am
  • Stay the night in a tent.
4. Day

Singing Sands

The "singing sands" of Khongorin-Els are an area filled with dunes, which rise from the surrounding steppe rather abrubtly This mountain range out of sand is over 100 km long and up to 20 km wide. Its name alludes to the sound that the wind makes when it stirs up sand at the ridge of each dune.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle.
  • Arrival at Khongorin Els
  • Stay the night in a tent.
5. Day

Flaming Cliffs

In 1920, the first petrified dinosaur eggs were found in Bayan Zag. The rocks of the valley are of a brilliant red color, which offers a particularly spectacular view in the morning or evening sun. This play of light has given the place its name "flaming cliffs".
  • Transport by off-road vehicle.
  • Arrival at Bayan Zag
  • Stay the night in a tent.
6. Day


The drive back to Dalanzadgad goes through ever changing desert landscape. Depending on flight plans (there are two airports here) we will stay the night either directly in the aimag center or a bit outside.
  • Transport by off-road vehicle.
  • Arrival in Dalanzadgad
  • Stay the night in a Ger-Camp
7. Day

Cultural Program

The last day is fully dedicated to culture. Several museums and the famous Gandan Monastery offer an informative and relaxed finale to our trip. In the evening we meet for a farewell dinner, and afterwards there's an opportunity to party mongolian style.
There's also a big exhibition "Great Mongolia 800" this year, as well as many other related events.
  • Museums
  • Gandan monastery
  • "Great Mongolia 800" exhibition
  • Fare well-dinner and evening program.
  • stay the night in a Hotel
8. Day

Return flight

Please return to Mongolia soon!
All information subject to change without notice.